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For modern taste-makers, trendsetters, and trailblazers, no piece of jewelry is quite as splashy and statement-making as the chain and pendant set. These babies have been so iconic they’ve actually forged entire identities. Think: the Flavor Flav dinner-plate-sized clock pendant or Mr. T’s heavily layered chains and oversized pendants. For men, this gilded combo is an amazing way to showcase a personal narrative. It can say, rather loudly if you want, “This is who I am, and this is my story.” It also just looks really cool, too.

chain and pendant set

If you’ve been on the fence about which chain and pendant set most closely aligns with your personal vibe and sense of style, Mirora Jewelry is here to help. Our premium yellow gold chains, alone, are a solid way to upgrade your wardrobe; adding an iced-out, bejeweled pendant exponentially multiplies the bling factor. Here’s how you can create a winning combo that will give your look that supreme sparkle you’re after:

1. Building a Foundation: Pick Your Chain – The key to building a custom piece of jewelry that’s 100 percent you is to hand-pick every component. Start by building a solid foundation with a custom chain that honors your sense of style. Personalize it with the following options:

a. Length and Width – Gold chains come in a huge variety of lengths and widths, from slimmer styles that add a little something to super chunky show-stoppers á la Mr. T. Check out our chain length and width guide for more detailed info.

b. Material – As much as we fancy ourselves equal-opportunity jewelers, we can’t deny it: We’re partial to white and yellow gold. There’s just something about the gangster gilded look that appeals to all. Choose white or yellow based on your personal preferences and skin tone.

c. Style – Chains come in a bunch of different options, from the badass-looking Miami Cuban to the ultra-smooth snake or box chain. Check out our gold chain infographic to see the different chain styles available.

Frost NYC chain and pendant combo

2. Next-Level Adornment: Pick Your Pendant – Your pendant is, arguably, the showcase of your chain and the thing that takes it from basic to show-stopper. It’s also the component of this combo that says the most about who you are. Do you choose a classic cross pendant or something a bit more funky like a diamond-studded dollar sign or a scorpion? Even though the pendant is really the thing that makes the look, we say don’t overcomplicate it. Pick the one that speaks to you and let it rock.

3. Marrying the Two: Do They Go Together? – You’ve got a chain and you’ve got a pendant, but do they go together? It depends on who you ask, but, if you go for the same metal base for the chain (say, yellow gold) and the pendant, you can be sure the two will mesh just fine. Proportion should be a consideration, too. Don’t overwhelm a smaller chain with a huge pendant or, vice versa, do keep them in the same arena.

4. Still Not Sure? Look for Inspiration – At the end of the day, you have to be the one to select your jewelry based on what speaks to you or what contributes to your specific aesthetic. With that being said, it doesn’t hurt to draw inspiration from some of the industry’s icons on social media or in magazines. Taking cues from the trendsetters and adding your own personalized twist is a smart way to go if you’re drawing a blank.

gold chain with pendant

Trust Mirora Jewelry Designers

Mirora Jewelry has been serving bling-lovers for over 30 years, helping them design and produce custom chain and pendant sets that make massive waves across various subcultures and style niches. If you’re here, you’ve already completed the hard part. You can always reach out to us if you have questions regarding our customization process or if you prefer a personalized, jeweler-assisted shopping experience.

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